Career History

Garett and Brandon Maggart

A Family Tradition

Garett Maggart starred for four seasons as Blair Sandburg, alongside Richard Burgi in “The Sentinel,” a one-hour action drama series from Pet Fly Productions in association with Paramount Network Television for UPN. The show occasionally runs in syndication on the Sci-Fi Network and is currently airing in Canada on Space. The first season of "The Sentinel" was released in April of 2006, marking the tenth anniversary of the premiere of the show.


A second generation performer, Maggart was exposed to acting at an early age watching his father, actor Brandon Maggart. Garett's first role was a small appearance in the Robin Williams film “The World According to Garp” at the age of nine. Given the opportunity to play a guest starring role on the groundbreaking Showtime series “Brothers” that starred the elder Maggart, Garett decided he wanted to become an actor. His younger sisters, multi-platinum selling singer Fiona Apple and Cabaret star Maude Maggart are also enjoying show business careers.


Garett gave a memorable portrayal as Weird Bruce, a radio producer on the highly rated “Frasier.” He also had a recurring role on the NBC daytime drama “Days of Our Lives” and was a host for cable TV's musical variety series “Live From the House of Blues,” which gave Garett a chance to indulge his love for playing the guitar and drums. Garett starred in the independent feature “Demon Under Glass," playing Dr. Joe McKay for director Jon Cunningham; then went on to appear as a mental health trial attorney opposite Academy Award winning actress Sally Field, on NBC's acclaimed series "ER."


In 2008 he also appeared in a CSI: Miami episode called 'Down to the Wire' as Michael Maddox, a man killed due to a fake 911 call. More recently he did the voice over for Johhny "Boy" O'Leary in Doc West, a western directed by Terence Hill and financed by Italian television and starring Paul Sorvino and Ornella Muti as well as Terence Hill. The two part mini series was shown on Italian TV in September 2009.

Under The Spotlight

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CSI: Miami -2008

Garett appeared in a CSI: Miami episode called 'Down to the Wire' as Michael Maddox, a man killed due to a fake 911 call.


Because I Said So - 2006

Garett was a member of the cast of Gold Circle Films' "Because I Said So," which Universal Pictures distributed domestically.

Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton star in the Michael Lehmann-helmed project.

Penned by Jessie Nelson and Karen Leigh Hopkins, the story centers on a well-intentioned but overzealous mother (Keaton) who goes on a mission to find Mr. Right for her youngest daughter (Moore).

Garett's role was a small one as a carpenter, but it failed to make the final cut.

Murder Me Once & The Tangled Snarl - September 17, 2004

In the grand re-opening of The Fremont Centre Theatre presentations of two, one-act murder mystery farces, "Murder Me Once" and "The Tangled Snarl," Garett appeared in two performances portraying a police officer in a walk-on part. The play was performed in an old-fashioned film noir style with scene narration.


Fremont Centre Theatre
South Pasadena, CA

Days of Our Lives - 2004 June 28, 2004

Garett appeared in a feature role as an Air Traffic Controller at Salem Airport.


"Providential Occurrence" - October 13, 2003

Garett performed a stage reading and received positive responses to his work. This closed performance, staged only for producers, directors and casting agents was actually a two act play (inspired by the Amistad incident), saw Garett in the lead role of an attorney.


The Fountain Theatre
Los Angeles, Ca.


" Words of Love" - July 25, 2003

Garett performed a dramatic reading to benefit the Fremont Centre Theatre. Celebrities from "That 70's Show," "Days of our Lives," "The Sentinel" and others read love poems, performed sketches, etc. offering a funny and touching recap of the 5th Anniversary Season.
Dinner at 7:00 pm, followed by "Words of Love" at 8:00 pm.


Fremont Centre Theatre
South Pasadena, CA


ER - 2002

November 21, 2002

Garett appeared as Lt. Ottenson, an Air Force officer in the storyline involving Sally Field's character Maggie Wyczenski.



"No Scratch" - September/October 2002

Garett performed the character of "Wallace", a 30 year old artlessly aggressive salesman who wears a flashy, ugly polyester suit, too large for him, pantscuffs rolled up, aviator cap and looks like a goon. Garett also participated in the singing and dancing.

SYNOPSIS: A furious rock-n-roll comedy, depicting a day in the lives of a troupe of would-be Barrymores during the Depression of the 2020s.

Fremont Centre Theatre
South Pasadena, CA


Demon Under Glass - 2002

"A creature of myth and legend, a real vampire, is captured but not before many of his pursuers are killed."

Dr. Richard Bassett (Jack Donner) has convinced himself that the secret to life itself and humanity's future is at stake. But someone must repair the creature (Jason Carter) before he can be studied. He recruits a reluctant healer in Dr. Joe McKay (Garett Maggart).

"Will they be his pawns or is he the pawn..."



The Sentinel - 1996-1999

Garett starred as Anthropologist Blair Sandburg for 4 seasons.

Rugged police detective James Ellison and good-natured anthropology student Blair Sandburg became an improbable team when the renegade detective develops a dramatically different advantage - his five senses are heightened wildly beyond that of an ordinary human being.

The hip, young graduate student knows an extraordinary thesis subject when he sees one. When Ellison - with Sandburg's help - is quickly able to break a tough case, the detective convinces Captain Simon Banks to let Sandburg team up with him on the job.



Frasier (Roz in the Doghouse - Ep #212) - 1995

January 3, 1995

Garett guest starred on "Frasier" as "Weird Bruce", a fill-in producer for Dr. Crane's radio show. Roz accepts an offer from Bulldog to produce his sports show, ignoring Frasier's protests that Bulldog's only trying to seduce Roz.



Live From the House of Blues (host) - 1995

1995 - TBS Television

Garett hosted "Live From the House of Blues," showcasing his love for music and talent on guitar and drums.

Days of Our Lives - 1993-94

Garett had a recurring role as fraternity brother to Alan Harris in the Carrie and Sami Brady rape storyline.

Brothers (Moving Out - Ep # 5/97) - 1984

Garett's first adult role was a walk-on as Dave, the pizza delivery man on this Showtime series that starred his father, Brandon Maggart.


Trivia: The baby picture on the left of the opening shot was of Garett.

The World According to Garp - 1982

This was Garett's first role; a small, uncredited appearance. He was nine years of age.


Stats and Skills

Personal Stats
Height: 5'8"
Voted #8 in the People Magazine Online poll
"The 97 Most Intriguing People of 1997"
Swimming, Basketball,
Baseball, Tennis,
Volleyball, Soccer, Bodyboarding,
Guitar, Drums,
Horseback Riding,
All Team Sports,
Skiing, Golf
Weight: 150
Eyes: Blue
Named # 19 in the People Magazine Online poll
"The Third Annual 50 Most Beautiful People in the World"
Hair: Brown
With Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar, voted #1 in the UPN Online poll
"Who Do You Imagine to be the Ultimate Love Boat Couple?"