For those wishing to contact Garett to arrange professional engagements, his management is handled by Hines and Hunt Entertainment in Los Angeles or you may email us at and we will forward it to them immediately.

Any email for Garett should be sent to us and will be forwarded as well.

Please send email to and send physical mail to:


Garett Maggart
c/o Hines and Hunt
1213 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, Ca. 91506


We have also provided a guestbook that allows you to leave personal messages for Garett. Garett may check the guestbook from time to time, but no guarantees. To access the guestbook, click here.


Please note: Birthday and Christmas cards, notes of thanks and appreciation, and so on are very welcome. Garett is grateful to everyone for their support, but he doesn't want anyone sending him gifts - feel free to make a donation to a charity in his name if you like. Also, please don't expect a personal response.